and here’s an ode to the fading summer


It’s so funny how my heart still catches at the opening howl.
You’d think that after how every many months, the keen edge would be worn dull,
something weathered, battered, dimpled and crumpled

a dull ache, a small starvation from air that thuds in your chest 

but enough about you.

Your song has outlasted you,
I think.

It’s stupid how I still hold my breath some parts

or maybe they take my breath away

isn’t that the worst,
having something take your breath away but leaving you feeling like you’re the one clinging on-
you have no idea that it’s even gone

isn’t that what you did? 
i thought i had myself together,
never had i been more wrong.

I fell in love this summer. 
I fell in heads over heels.
It was the worst feeling, but it was the loudest sensation I ever had. 
Sometimes the seconds screamed to be heard and other times the air tasted funky colors according to the distance i was from you
I would be lying to say that I don’t miss you, but I don’t miss you in proportions to how much I liked you,
something to the wind

I know that as time goes on the memories will fade into a something sun bleached blur of washed out purples greens and yellows,
and soon the length of time I hold my breath will get shorter, shorter, and before long i’ll float by on this song without ever stopping to dive in

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roll with the punches

do you believe in magic in a young girl's heart?


i believe in fbgm